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Leten Cannon King Pro 10 Thrusting High-Speed Motor Masturbator Cup with Phone Holder

Leten Cannon King Pro 10 Thrusting High-Speed Motor Masturbator Cup with Phone Holder

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Introducing the Leten Male Masturbator – an epitome of pleasure and innovation. Immerse yourself in a powerful motor delivering up to 700 impacts per minute in high-speed mode, a rapid 400 times per minute in medium-speed mode, and a gentle rhythm of 200 beats per minute in low-speed mode – providing a range of sensations for the ultimate comfort zone.

This masturbator boasts an innovative high-frequency burst head design, ensuring precise and targeted thrusts. Experience the pleasure of high-frequency piston motion focusing on specific areas, delivering unparalleled stimulation and satisfaction. Crafted from high-tech materials, its soft and elastic touch enhances the tactile experience.

The built-in mobile phone holder at the top of the device adds a visual dimension to your pleasure, allowing you to enjoy your favorite content while indulging in intimate moments. With advanced technology and a thoughtful design, this masturbator encourages exploration of various positions and endless possibilities.

Included in the package are the Leten Male Masturbator, blue vaginal silicone, white rotating silicone, a TPYEC charging cable, a screwdriver for installing the phone holder, lube, a mobile phone holder, mobile phone holder installation instructions, and a detailed male masturbator instruction manual. It's our testament to a commitment to product quality, ensuring your satisfaction in every use. Elevate your intimate experiences with Leten.

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